Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 1

Day 1 - Land's End to Hayle

The first proper day of the cycling trip! I set off once again from the campsite to the Land's end visitor centre in the morning, and visited the Post Room . Here I bought a copy of the Sustrans Cornish Way stamping card to go with the map that I already had, and got it stamped. I also walked upstairs to sign the visitors book, and pick up the End to End stamping sheet which I could have stamped over the course of the journey and present at John O'Groats.

Image of the Land's End Post Room Stamp

Photograph of the Land's End Visitors Centre
The Land's End Visitor Centre

I was a little worried about leaving my bike unattended outside with so much stuff attached to it, but over the whole journey I had no real problems. Outside the Post Room, I met 3 other End to Enders. These lads were all in their 50s and had travelled down from the North to start the trip. They expected to complete it in 2 weeks or so. This seemed a very popular target length talking to other people I met over the journey. They made admirable remarks about the strong appearance of my bike, and bid me farewell before going to take photographs by the cliffs. Many people over the journey gave similar remarks about my bike, although I had my doubts as I was carrying a huge amount of weight. I followed round to the back of the centre and had my photograph taken by the photographer, lovely and sunny today. The photographer told me that there had already been two other groups there that morning, one of which was a police team. By now it was about 11 am or so.

Photograph of me at the Land's End milepost on the 4th June 2001
Me at the Land's End milepost - June 4th 2001

Photograph of the Land's End milepost
The Land's End milepost

Photograph of Land's End
Land's End

I decided not to follow the NCN route closely back towards Penzance, deciding instead to cycle over to look at the Minack theatre at Porthcurno. Overtook a walking train of schoolchildren on the way up the steep approach road, and once gaining the happiness of getting in front of them had to get off and push because it was so steep. Got to the theatre and was overtaken by the school children whilst locking up my bike. Luckily they had all gone into the exhibition centre rather than the open air theatre so in I went.

Image of the Minack Theatre stamp

Photograph of the Minack Theatre
The Minack Theatre

Photograph of St. Michaels Mount
St. Michaels Mount

Photograph of a National Cycle Network Millenium Milepost
A National Cycle Network Millenium Milepost

Image of a ticket from the Beachside Holiday Park

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