Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 1

Day 4 - Rest & Repairs in St. Just

Today was General Election day, the ballot boxes would be taking votes all day and some constituencies would start declaring their results in the very late evening. My plan was to stay at the campsite again and listen to the radio for some of the early results to start coming in.

Having known I would be travelling, I had already made a postal vote before I left Totnes for the trip. From memory the main party leaders were Tony Blair (Labour), (Conservative) and Charles Kennedy (Lib Dem).

I phoned Truro cycles to discover that the bike was ready for collection, and made my way there by bus - much cheaper than the taxi I used yesterday. They had replaced 10 spokes on the rear wheel and said that they had got the rear derailleur working. The total bill was £14.50.

I rode the bike back to the campsite using the King Harry Ferry again but unfortunately the gears were not working properly. I adjusted the tension in the cable to no avail. I removed the derailleur from the bike and refitted it with a spring more powerfully sprung. Eventually I got it working much better, and felt much happier as I could start cycling again and move on.

This evening at the campsite I met a couple from Harrow who were originally from the Borders. They were camping around Cornwall for 2 weeks and had just come down roughly the route I would be taking up the country.

At night I sat up in to the small hours listening to the election coverage on the radio. I listened for the first few constituencies to declare, and then went to sleep.

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