Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 1

Getting to the Start - Totnes to Land's End

Got the 10:18 from Totnes to Penzance, just managing to get on the train. The rest of the day was very nervous. Has a reservation for the bike already. Wanted to pinch the Penzance poster in the from the train but the refuse staff got there before me when the train arrived at Penzance. Sat outside Penzance station composing myself, looking around for the Sustrans signs which I had seen on the journey into the station. All kinds of mining buildings had been visible especially around Camborne. Arrived at 12:54 Started cycling slowly through Newlyn then on to Mousehole. Stopped again to check the map and a couple from London stopped to chat. Ended up having tea felt much cheered up as we cycled together. Parted company outside an old mine building open now as a craft shop. Marvellous views of Sennen Cove on approach to Land's End. Huge hill coming out of Mousehole. Had to walk up but did well, having overtook the Sara who got off to walk first. Had lots of praise for my efforts at getting so far up. Lots of other cyclists on this section on way to L.E. One huge downhill section on narrow lanes with lots of cyclists pushing up, narrow road. Said goodbye to Sara and Ron entered the L.E. commercialisation. Saw a group of 4/5 cyclists in cycle gear coming out of the exit road. Exchange of waves, 'Just finishing?' came the question, 'No, just starting' I replied, "So are we" "Good Luck" I said. Visited the End to End Room. Filled in a form got it signed and stamped. Signed the book. Taking lots of photos today camped up the road at sennen, dropped back to the signpost around sunset. Photographers always say that sunrises are better than sunsets but I am always a late riser so sunsets will have to do for me. Campsite was £6.50 / night. Showers = 20p.

Spent the Sunday getting used to the sudden change in surroundings and eating well. Sent approximately 12 postcards. Washing, weight reduction work on luggage. Got a series of bits together in a bag to send back to Dad. Easting phone charging and sun bathing.

Photograph of me setting off from Totnes railway station with my bike
Setting off from Totnes station

Photograph of the view looking down into Sennen Cove
A view of Sennen Cove

Photograph of a little bridge at Land's End
A little bridge at Land's End

Photograph of the milepost at Land's End
The Land's End Milepost

Image of a camping ticket from the campsite at Sennen

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