Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 1

Day 10 - Braunton to Tiverton

Today was the Exmoor section which looked pretty hard work judging by the height profile at the bottom of the Sustrans map. The hot weather made it even more so, and I had to push the bike uphill a lot today. I was getting a bit worried when I had used up all 2.5 litres of water that I was carrying with me.

Today was a long day, both in time cycling and distance travelled so far. The distance was approximately 55 miles or so.

At the peak of the Exmoor route there were some lovely views and I took a few panoramic shots. I came down eventually through Dulverton at approximately 4-5pm or so. This place looked delightful, I must come back here some time in the future. The people were very friendly but the campsite here was for caravans only, so I had to move on. The Sustrans map had this marked down as a campsite.

I remember passing The Sportsman's pub which was currently closed during the day because of the foot and mouth outbreak. The owner was outside painting the walls and told me that his custom had fallen off drastically.

At one point, slightly later on, I found myself in Nightshayes, a National Trust owned piece of land which actually closed and I had to back track to get out.

I ended up at The Minnows campsite which had been mentioned to me by some walkers I met up on Exmoor, I was guided in by the owner on my mobile, getting there pretty late. I stayed two nights as I was exhausted after the longest cycling day so far.

Image of a Sustrans stamp from Barnstaple

Photograph of Bratton Flemming Post Office
Bratton Flemming Post Office

Photograph of a countryside view on Exmoor
A countryside View on Exmoor

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