Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 1

Day 28 - Southport to Garstang

It was noisy until very late last night at the campsite, with heaps of loud swearing. It was actually very funny with some entertaining sounding antics. I sat up late until most of the noise had died down, reading a catalogue from the nearby mountain bike centre. I decided that I would buy a pair of Nimbus EX tyres which I had seen there yesterday.

I also spotted yesterday that I had broken another spoke, so I needed to get that fixed too. In the morning, I bought the tyres and a sprocket removal tool, but they didn't have a chain whip available from the shop, and no freewheel extraction tool, so I ended up getting the shop to replace the spoke for me. I was getting pissed off with the youngsters attitude who worked here, They were trying to make out that the task of removing the sprocket set, freewheel, replacing a spoke and readjusting the bearing cones was a difficult task. Bollocks. However, they only charged me £5 in the end for this job - I was actually relieved it wasn't more as they indicated it might have been. This was in total contrast to the two youngsters I had come across in 'The Great Arete' camping shop in Bangor who were so well informed about their business.

Eventually on the road again, I wasn't going to spend another night at that campsite, and I was glad I had not paid to stay there. I would have been so pissed off If I had. Straight up the A6 I went to Preston, then attempting to locate quiet roads to the west I ended up in a new and very busy cinema complex area. I took a photo of nasty new houses being built on the side of an area of water. Apparently only one of the buildings was actually an original warehouse.

Using minor roads to get to Garstang I was amazed by the large number of cyclists out on the roads round here. I stayed at Garstang Winmarleigh and Smithy Caravan Park for £10. Why are the sites up here so expensive? Compared to the south west these are all rip off prices. Not what I had in mind about the North. Lots of ducks + a fishing pond + canal + dove tower box. Distance today was 26 miles with a maximum speed of 27.4mph.

Photograph of a quayside view in Preston
Quayside view in Preston

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